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Channing Tatum Protects The President In New WHITE HOUSE DOWN Images

Channing Tatum is funny, Channing Tatum is charming, Channing Tatum can dance his ass off. And Channing Tatum can defend the President of the United States too.

EW has debuted a few new images from Roland Emmerich’s WHITE HOUSE DOWN and they show Tatum going full-blown John McClane at 1600 Pennsylvania. The film, about a secret service agent (Tatum) who goes to battle with paramilitary group attacking the White House, is sure to bring lots of explosions, gun battles and…knife fights? If the picture below is any indication, Tatum will use any weapon in his arsenal to defend the leader of the free world (played by Jamie Foxx).

WHITE HOUSE DOWN is one of the movies I’m dying to see next summer. Emmerich is surprisingly consistent with his films and it’ll be nice to see him reel things in a bit and focus on something that’s not apocalyptic (and not Shakespearean). This definitely feels more DIE HARD than INDEPENDENCE DAY and that’s exciting! Let’s see if Roland Emmerich can try something new.

The magazine has other cool pics from the film, including some of Maggie Gyllenhaal as Tatum’s boss. If you want to see more shoot-‘em-up goodness, head on over to HeyUGuys.

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