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Don’t Be Crazy: Watch Our SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK Clip Round-Up!

To celebrate the limited release of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK – the hilarious and heartfelt familial dramedy from director David O. Russell (THE FIGHTER) – we are giving you a look at two clips from the film. Both vignettes showcase the undeniable chemistry between co-stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. While it’s no surprise to most of us that they can act, it is a welcomed shock that both excell when given fantastic material such as this script.

In this first clip, Pat (Cooper) and Tiffany (Lawrence) meet for dinner at a friend’s house. Sparks and zings fly across the dinner table as the two broken souls find each other. Drama erupts when Tiffany and her perfect sister Veronica (Julia Stiles) start to get into it near the end of the seemingly great dinner.

Pat has reluctantly agreed to take Tiffany out to dinner at a local diner. Not wanting this to be misconstrued as a date, he orders Raisin Bran and she orders tea. The conversation ensues from there.

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (which I adored) is now playing in limited release. The film opens wide on November 21.

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