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Keira Knightley Kept In The Dark About Kenneth Branagh’s Knighthood

When it comes to keeping secrets in Hollywood, we aren’t sure how anyone is able to do it. With the proliferation of the news media being almost everywhere and details of celebrities personal lives leaking to the press in lightening speed, we are quite sure no one in this town can remain hush-hush about anything. However, you can add actor-writer-director and recently dubbed “Sir” Kenneth Branagh to the list of professional secret keepers.

When asked about the triple threat’s new title during our roundtable interview at ANNA KARENINA’s press day, Keira Knightly – who stars in Branagh’s next film JACK RYAN – mentioned that Bragnagh never let on about his new classy title.

That’s happened, hasn’t it? I shouldn’t imagine it’s going to change him at all. I don’t think I was there when that happened. I think that happened on Friday. It’s really funny. He didn’t tell anyone – I didn’t even know. I think it was somebody else that said, “You know he’s being knighted don’t you?” “That’s hilarious.” I haven’t seen him since. I don’t know. We’ll find out. I shouldn’t imagine it’s going to change anything though.

We think if he’s been this modest so far, this shouldn’t change him much.

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