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LINCOLN Clips Showcase Scene Stealing Performances

After all of the hullabaloo of our most recent Presidential election has finally died down, Director Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN was released to much critical acclaim (including our own). To celebrate its limited (New York and LA November 9) and wide release (November 16), we’ve got a couple of clips to share with you that showcase the film’s scene-stealers, Tommy Lee Jones and James Spader. And how exactly do they hijack the movie from Daniel Day Lewis? Watch below and see for yourselves.

In this first clip, Jones (as Thaddeus Stevens) has a very “Oh Snap!” moment in the House.

In this next clip, William Seward (David Strathairn) hires “The gang of three,” Robert Latham, W.N. Bilbo, and Richard Schell (played respectively by John Hawkes, James Spader and Timothy Blake Nelson), to cull votes for President Lincoln’s 13th Amendment.

LINCOLN is now playing in New York and Los Angeles and opens wide on November 16.

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