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Rumor: Matthew Vaughn In Talks For STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Plans for a brand new STAR WARS trilogy were announced last week when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. This being the internet, speculation about the new films was expected. And here we are with a rumor regarding the first film’s director.

Collider has heard that Matthew Vaughn (KICK-ASS, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) is in talks to take on EPISODE VII. The site stresses that this is a rumor with only one source but they also trust that source. Vaughn would certainly be a comfortable fit. The man has taken on big blockbusters before, is a talented writer and just recently dropped out of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. A lot of folks were confused about his departure from that project. What would cause him to leave X-MEN just months before shooting? Well, directing the new STAR WARS film would be a good reason, right?

Vaughn won’t be the last name we hear tossed around for the new STAR WARS film. Fans are already making their dream lists (consisting of David Fincher, Brad Bird and even Spielberg) but now comes the time when reliable sources speak up and give us an idea of which direction Disney is going.

Personally, I’m not that excited about EPISODE VII. That may change in time but I’m sort of burnt out on the entire universe Lucas created. And while I’d be interested to see one of my favorite filmmakers tackle the new franchise, I’d rather see those talented directors create their own new projects, not pick up where Lucas left off. Is this a overly pessimistic take? Of course but I have three major reasons to be pessimistic: EPISODE I, EPISODE II and EPISODE III.

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