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Thanks Internet! Want To Read The Original Script For PROMETHEUS? Go Right Ahead!

Most people had issue with PROMETHEUS. I didn’t hate the film, not by a long shot, but I think it’s really flawed. It’s fun, sure, but it runs into the same traps that so many modern sci-fi/horror films do. That’s disappointing, especially coming from Ridley Scott.

It’s not a disaster but it’s far, far from a classic and that’s kind of a bummer.

But it could have been very different. As we know, Damon Lindelof re-worked the original script from Jon Spaights and a lot changed. How much? Well, now you can find out because that original script (titled ALIEN: ENGINEERS) is online. You can read the whole thing and judge for yourself. Is ENGINEERS a superior script, is this what Scott should have filmed?

I think PROMETHEUS is one of those movies that people will debate about for ages. Some whole-heartedly love it while some (many) dismiss it as a cheap, soulless, brainless sequel. I’m somewhere in the middle but I really do think PROMETHEUS dropped the ball in many ways. It could have been so much more.

Got some time? Sit down and take a read of Jon Spaight’s original script.  See what could have been.

Much thanks to Prometheus Movie for the link.


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