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TRAILER: Brad Pitt Battles Lots And Lots Of Zombies In WORLD WAR Z

I love zombie movies but I’ll admit that the genre has kind of tired itself out. If you want to make a mark, you have to try something new (like Danny Boyle or Edgar Wright).

Do Marc Forster and Brad Pitt have something new with WORLD WAR Z or is it another horror film that thinks it’s smart when it’s not? It’s hard to tell from the film’s first trailer. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here (most notably the first scene) but there’s also a lot to cause concern (Pitt’s family storyline could get tiresome, the globe-trotting might be unrealistic). We all know production had a lot of issues and delays, will they affect the final product?

One thing’s for sure: this movie won’t be similar to Max Brooks’s novel, not by a long shot. Sure, it’s a worldwide thriller about zombies but that seems to be where the similarities end.  Oh well, that’s what we all expected. Bummer.

WORLD WAR Z also stars  Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox and James Badge Dale. The film opens June 21st, 2013.

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