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TRAILER: Well, THE CANYONS Doesn’t Look Very Good

A second trailer for Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader’s THE CANYONS has hit the web. Like the first preview, this one is a parody of trailers from yesteryear. Unlike the first spot, this one features dialogue and that makes a world of difference. In short, THE CANYONS doesn’t look like the fun, sensual drama we were hoping for.

I guess I have a problem with the acting here. Granted we only see a minute-and-a-half of footage but you can see a lot in that short time. A lot of questions are raised here. For example, why is the dialogue so awful? Why is it delivered so poorly? I know this movie was cheap but that doesn’t mean the acting has to be terrible. C’mon, Lindsay Lohan, we’re all rooting for you (we are still rooting for her, right?)

This just feels flat and stilted and amateurish. What have you done to us, Kickstarter? Who knows, maybe THE CANYONS will be worthwhile. Maybe this is just a really bad trailer that doesn’t show off the campy goodness promised. Or maybe this a horrible trailer and the movie is just as bad. I’m not a betting man but I wouldn’t put my money on THE CANYONS.

The film is coming soon to “an Internet server of your choice.” 

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