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TRAILER: Red Band EVIL DEAD Spot is Understated, Almost Avant-Garde


I’m not sure how the die hard Bruce Campbell fans are gonna take to this one, but the new spot for the EVIL DEAD remake reveals a much different take on the source material from first time director Fede Alvarez. I wouldn’t go as far as to call the clip “Malickian” or “Bergman-esque”, but it is certainly not what this long time horror nut was expecting. And wait until you see the “magic hour” tree rape sequence; it’s beautiful in a way that only Straight-A NYU film students will be able to grasp.

Now, if only we could get PTA on the SLEEPAWAY CAMP redux. I feel as if that’s the only way this Godardian think piece can be equaled.

EVIL DEAD hits art houses April 12.

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