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The Always Vibrant Greta Gerwig Gets Her Dance On on The FRANCES HA Poster


Of all the films that have screened at the major film festivals, there are only a handful that I’m jealous people have already seen. And FRANCES HA is one of those films. Thanks to the folks at Entertainment Weekly, we are getting our first peek at the poster for director Noah Baumbach’s “love letter” to Greta Gerwig. Gerwig is all things pink and lovely – which we hope stands in complete contrast to her character’s neuroses. Not only that, they’ve debuted an exclusive clip of the film too!

The script that Baumbach and Gerwig co-wrote,  

tells the tale of a 27-year-old aspiring dancer in Brooklyn whose life has failed to take off since graduating from Vassar. She’s still clinging to a girlfriend (Mickey Sumner) and career aspirations that drift further away with every false step.

The last time these two talents got together (creatively speaking, of course), GREENBERG happened and dazzled us all. Usually when a poster debuts, a trailer is not far behind. As I’m sure some of you would agree, that day simply can not come soon enough. But when it does, rest assured we’ll bring it to you. Until that day, I’ll be watching DAMSELS IN DISTRESS on loop.

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