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Get Misty Eyed With Me While Listening to This M83 OBLIVION Score Snippet


I’m not joking when I say I just had tears well up in my eyes.

I’ve been a vocal champion of all things Anthony Gonzalez for some time, and can’t figure out for the life of me why nobody has had the French synth-rocker score a movie until now. His music with M83 is the thing of dreams; soaring and emotional and just downright awe inspiring at times.

One part Vangelis, one part epic, heart-wrenching operatics, “StarWaves” is the first cut off of the soundtrack Gonzalez composed with TRON: UPRISING maestro Joseph Trapanese, and it’s beautiful. While the trailers for OBLIVION haven’t sold me in any real way as of yet (the film looks slightly too “Tom Cruise enters a cartoon” for my tastes), this bit of music guarantees I’ll be seated in an IMAX chair on opening day. I can’t wait to have the score blow my mind and my eardrums while blaring at maximum volume.

Head over to Rolling Stone ASAP to check the track out. The album will hit shelves April 9 (hopefully on vinyl), while OBLIVION will fill your eyeballs April 19.

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