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THE HANGOVER PART III Finally Gets A (Familiar) Poster

THE HANGOVER PART III opens in just over two months yet we’ve hardly seen anything from it. Apparently Warner Bros. is playing this one close to the vest. Maybe that’s because the third (and final?) film in the series is supposed to be fairly different than the previous two. I sure hope so because THE HANGOVER PART II proved that the formula had definitely run dry.

But look, a poster! And WB says the first trailer for the Todd Phillips comedy drops tomorrow. The closer we get, the more we will see!

This poster is an obvious homage to the final HARRY POTTER film. But instead of the boy wizard and Voldemort facing off, it’s Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong staring each other down. What has caused such bad blood between the two and why is Las Vegas in flames? And does Mike Tyson have something to do with it?

THE HANGOVER PART III opens May 24th. I’ve included the poster (plus the HARRY POTTER original) below.



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