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TRAILER: The Wolfpack Returns to Vegas in THE HANGOVER PART III

So this is how THE HANGOVER trilogy ends.

Above is the first trailer for Todd Phillips’s comedic finale. This thing definitely looks big. Not too heavy on the laughs but heavy on action, the trailer confirms that our heroes return to Las Vegas to “burn it down”. I don’t know if they’re being literal or figurative. Don’t literally burn Vegas down, you guys.

The plot is still locked up tight but, to me, it looks like some sort of revenge film. It doesn’t seem like the guys are once again re-tracing their steps from a forgotten evening and that’s good, I don’t think anyone wanted another carbon copy of the original. We also get the sense that many characters (Heather Graham, Ken Jeong) will be returning while new ones (John Goodman, Melissa McCarthy) will be appearing.

There aren’t many laugh-out-loud moments in this trailer except for the very end but all in all it’s a decent preview of what to expect. For some, that’ll be exciting. For others, it’ll be boring. A lot of people already have their minds made up about this one.


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