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What the What?! Will Christopher Nolan AND Christian Bale Return for JUSTICE LEAGUE?


You guys, I can’t keep up with the proposed JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. All the rumors – from Ben Affleck’s involvement to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s to Darkseid’s – are becoming too much. But, hey, I love it all. However, I’d kinda like a clear picture. Get it together, Warner Bros!

According to the always reliable El Mayimbe at Latino Review, things are coming together. Big things. He reports that Christopher Nolan may oversee JUSTICE LEAGUE for Warner Bros., with Zack Snyder also producing and possibly directing. So Nolan is back in the mix, that makes fanboys happy and it’s not too surprising considering he’s producing MAN OF STEEL, which is going to (hopefully) set up JUSTICE LEAGUE.

But here comes the big news: El Mayimbe says that WB is planning on having Christian Bale return to play Batman opposite Henry Cavill as Supes. Bale as the once-and-future Bruce Wayne? Seems hard to believe, huh? But El Mayimbe points out that it’s possible. Though Wayne had given up the cowl at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, perhaps something draws him back in. Risky? Yes. Very surprising? Hell yes. Impossible? Never say never.

Warner Bros. needs a hit. As Latino Review points out, the franchise landscape is awfully crowded these days what with THE AVENGERS (Disney), STAR WARS (Disney again!) and many others. WB has made a lot of cash off of Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne so having him return would put asses in seats. It would be their best shot at making JUSTICE LEAGUE a monster hit.


There’s a lot to be concerned about. Do they still want to make that Summer 2015 release date? If so, they’ll have to rush and that doesn’t bode well for the project. Secondly, would Bale’s return really make sense? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him suit up again but, as I’ve said before, TDKR perfectly concluded that tale. His return would have to be warranted and believable. Thirdly, is this JUSTICE LEAGUE film transforming into a WORLD’S FINEST movie instead? That is, will it just be a Batman/Superman movie or will the rest of the League show up? Batman and Superman is enough for its own movie wouldn’t you say?

So many questions, so many possibilities, so little confirmation. We trust Latino Review so this rumor probably has a lot of truth to it. If it all pans out and comes to pass, it’ll be quite a big deal. I can see the headlines now: “BALE’S BACK”

Actually, I call dibs on that one.

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