Gipsy Danger

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Awesome Infographic: The Jaegers From PACIFIC RIM Are Big, Big, Big

Gipsy Danger

This is what the Internet is all about – comparing imaginary creatures and deciding which one is bigger! This is important to us!

Reddit user mrpancake8 took that ubiquitous infographic comparing famous movie monsters and added a new face: Gipsy Danger, one of the giant robots (or “Jaegers”) from Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming PACIFIC RIM. In case you weren’t sure, these things are massive.

How massive? Well, Gipsy Danger is bigger than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the monster from CLOVERFIELD and, well, pretty much anything else. He even makes Godzilla look teeny tiny.

But there’s more! mrpancake8 updated his graphic with another addition: the terrifying beast from Frank Darabont’s THE MIST. Okay, that thing might not be as tall as Gipsy Danger but it is much scarier.

You’ll be able to see this massive bad boy in action when PACIFIC RIM opens on July 12th.

Source: Reddit

Gipsy Danger (2)

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  • Archieve Z

    This infographic is wrong.

    First,Godzilla has got full 100 meters of height.That’s over 333 feet.It’s preety badass.

    Second,Clover has got around 90 meters of height.It’s 300 feet.Still better than this Gipsy robot.

    • Bob Zilla

      Godzilla is 328 feet TALL. Cloverfield is about 350 feet tall. Gipsy Danger is only 250 feet tall, so this graph is complete bullshit.

  • jormamama

    no no no godzilla was 165 feet tal

  • Jeison Osorio

    kronos and kraken…….

  • the nitro man

    your both right, godzilla was 100 meters tall in the 80’s-90’s era. Gipsy Danger is still taller, but not by much. this is going to be bad ass, only godzilla 2014 will be able to touch it, at least i hope so.

  • Douche

    The graph is all wrong. The author doesn’t know the difference between meter and feet. Japenese use the metric system and they do not convert it in the movies. So Godzilla is 100 meters so 328.1 feet. Gipsy Danger is 260 feet so 79.24 meters. So Godzilla would crush Gipsy Danger like a paper…

  • Robert

    Whoever added the Jaeger doesn’t understand the difference between feet and meters.

  • Mogar

    The graph here is kinda wrong
    Godzilla is 100 m = 328.1 feet
    Gipsy is 87.7 m = 288 feet
    Not only those two, but Cloverfield too, but to hell with it, Godzilla with the atomic breath will fry every other monster.

  • Kaiju fan

    lol i’ve never seen such innacurate chart. visit their wikies, learn their real sizes. here’s a starter: go see the rest on their sizes. there’s a kaiju/giant monsters from fiction wiki specific for that.