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Yes. Yes, Yes, Yes. MACGRUBER 2 Will Happen.


We begged, we pleaded, we prayed. The universe listened. MACGRUBER 2 is coming. It may not be soon and it may not be a huge, million-dollar blockbuster but it is happening.

Speaking with EW, MACGRUBER star Will Forte said it’s on in one way or another.

We are going to make MacGruber 2 for sure. Whether we have to do it with a video camera in our backyards – there will be some form of MacGruber 2.”

Do you guys need to borrow a backyard? Need an extra camera? Need a grip? Help with food services? I know there are legions of fans willing to step up and help get this thing done.

There’s been talk of a MACGRUBER sequel since the first film came and quickly, quickly went but it never seemed like it would happen. That’s not a big surprise, the film was a big flop at the box office. But like so many other misunderstood classics, the comedy found a rabid fanbase through DVD and positive word-of-mouth. There’s always been hope that a follow-up would come to be. If VERONICA MARS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and others rise from the dead, surely MACGRUBER 2 can find a way.

In fact, it seems that Kickstarter has a little something to do with Forte’s certainty of a sequel.

“Jorma [Taccone], the MacGruber director, he had the idea to do a Kickstarter like two years ago. He kept saying ‘We should do a Kickstarter’ and we were like ‘Yeah, maybe at some point.’ He’s always ahead of the curve. That’s the lesson you learn — always listen to Jorma.”

So will MACGRUBER 2 be a Kickstarter project or will it find funding the traditional way? No clue but Forte is certain that it’s happening and that’s all we need to know. Let’s do this!

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