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Rumor Of A New Batman Movie In 2015 Raises Hope…And Eyebrows


Go to your kitchen and grab a bag of salt. Take that bag of salt and pour it out on the counter. Now take that pile of salt and mash it together to form a the biggest grain of salt you’ve ever seen. You’re going to need that for this rumor.

AICN says they have a document from “a company that works very closely with studios on their releases.” This document lists a new Batman film slated for 2015.  Not only that, it also lists JUSTICE LEAGUE as a 2015 release. JUSTICE LEAGUE isn’t that much of a surprise – though we still doubt it’ll happen – because 2015 has been the supposed release year for ages. But a new Batman movie? Now that’s surprising.

Again, this all needs to be taken with a gigantic grain of salt. This could be a typo, maybe a direct-to-DVD animated Batman film, maybe a miscommunication, maybe old plans that fell apart. I would be very, very, very surprised if either or both of these films are released in 2015. We have a long way to go before JUSTICE LEAGE and an even longer way to go before Batman saves Gotham on the big screen again.

However, this weekend is Comic-Con. If Warner Bros. wanted to make a huge splash and announce that a new Batman film was already secretly in development, this weekend would a great time to do it.

Like I said, I really doubt it but, hey, a Batman fan can dream.

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