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Seeking Sanctuary This Summer? Get Lost In AUSTENLAND!

Austenland 1

We’ve hit the halfway mark in the Summer season and we think that by now you have probably almost completely burned yourselves out on caped crusaders and zombie invasions. Are we hearing you correctly? Well, have no fear because Jane Austen can help pick you up out of your depressed doldrums.If the writer’s words had the distinct ability to cure World War I Depression in returning war vets (this according to a new book), just think what the movie AUSTENLAND will be able to do for you!

If you haven’t already heard of this novel-turned-film, let us fill you in. Based on the wildly popular book by Shannon Hale (who also co-wrote the screenplay), director Jerusha Hess’ film adaptation tells the tale of Austen obsessed lady, Jane Hayes (Keri Russell). Unable to find her modern day Mr. Darcy, she travels to a Regency-era throwback resort in the English countryside, only when she gets there, the experience leaves much more to be desired. Take a look…

Looks pretty freakin’ fantastic, right?! We are betting – what with the success of another literary based flick,  THE GREAT GATSBY – that this romcom could also stand to make bookoo bucks at the box office when it releases on August 16 in New York and Los Angeles (and nationally throughout late August / early September).

In advance, take a peek at the film’s adorably clever website here. Move around our heroine on the game board to see photos, get cast and crew information and – most importantly – find where this movie will be playing nearest you.

So gather up your besties, put on your “I HEART MR. DARCY” tee shirts (cough, cough. I’ve got one!) and go see this movie! One thing’s for sure, it will probably be a much easier jaunt to the cineplex than it would be to pilgrimage to see the giant Mr. Darcy River statue in London’s Serpentine Lake. Although, we know AUSTENLAND’s Jane would approve of that too. PRIDE or die!

Mr Darcy Lake Sculpture


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