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AMC Says Goodbye To BREAKING BAD With A Touching Farewell Poster


Listen, it’s really hard to talk about BREAKING BAD right now. Not just because the show is two weeks away from ending but because last week’s episode is still fucking with me. Just thinking about Skyler running down the street, yelling after Walt as he drives away…

Oh God, here come the anxiety tears again.

But, yes, the show is coming to an end – and quickly. September 29th will give us the series finale that we’ve all been waiting for…and dreading. How rough will it be? Well, after last Sunday, anything is possible.

Aside from plastering their network with promos, AMC is saying goodbye to BREAKING BAD in another way: with this sweet farewell poster that thanks “everyone who made BAD so good.” The RV that started it all, sitting alone in that empty desert – that’s an image fans will keep with them forever.

We’re getting close, painfully close, to the show’s conclusion. I’m both excited and downright terrified. Only BREAKING BAD can do that to me.

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