Is Criminal Minds Season 13 Ever Coming To Netflix?

Is Criminal Minds Season 13 Ever Coming To Netflix?

Is Criminal Minds Season 13 Ever Coming To Netflix? 800 600 Joel

There are 15 seasons of Criminal Minds, and you can watch them all online. You can still stream the entire series on Netflix, but only through season 12, as the…

Is Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 On Netflix?

Is Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 On Netflix?

Is Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 On Netflix? 800 600 Joel

The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which aired between 2015 and 2019, is currently available on Netflix in over 150 countries. Table of contents 1. is my super ex-girlfriend on netflix? 2.…

Is Counterpart Season 2 On Netflix?

Is Counterpart Season 2 On Netflix?

Is Counterpart Season 2 On Netflix? 800 600 Joel

Amazon Prime is now streaming Counterpart Seasons 1 and 2. Table of contents 1. is counterpart on netflix or amazon prime? 2. why did counterpart get cancelled? 3. does counterpart…

Is Cougar Town Season 4 On Netflix?

Is Cougar Town Season 4 On Netflix?

Is Cougar Town Season 4 On Netflix? 800 600 Joel

The cult TV comedy starring Courteney Cox, Cougar Town, is now available on Hulu, so there’s no problem with that. Table of contents 1. how many seasons does cougar town…

Is Colony Season 3 On Netflix Uk?

Is Colony Season 3 On Netflix Uk?

Is Colony Season 3 On Netflix Uk? 800 600 Joel

There is now a British Netflix version of Colony: Season 3. On January 11, 2021, it will be available online for streaming. Table of contents 1. does netflix uk have…



CINDERELLADirector: Kenneth BranaghWritten by: Chris WeitzStarring: Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden, Stellan …

How Grand Theft Auto Became one of the Most Popular Brands Ever

How Grand Theft Auto Became one of the Most Popular Brands Ever

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most prominent game series in the world. Ever since the first game was released in 1997 it has been the talking point of the community. But what has made it so popular. Let’s run through the major elements of the GTA franchise that make it one of the most popular brands ever.

What’s makes GTA’s gameplay so popular?

Rockstar North has committed through its entire career as a game developer to leading the pack in terms of its immersive gameplay. This is often due to just how much effort they put into the words to make them feel alive and thriving.

Even in the first game which is completely level-based, there are three big open-world cities across the levels you can explore and cause havoc in. Speaking of causing havoc, GTA is famous for its focus on player power.

Whilst not completely unrealistic, the GTA games tend to exaggerate the capabilities of its main character to give the player the ability to do as much damage as possible throughout the city. Playing as Nico Bellic in GTA IV and flying through the city in a helicopter before jumping out and shooting a police car with a rocket launcher is immensely fun to do.

Another incredibly unique thing about GTA is the various different things you can do that have nothing to do with the main story. You can go bowling, you can go on dates, hang out with your family members, go to strip clubs. If you wanted to you could also just be a taxi driver for a bit. There is so much freedom.

Just how popular is GTA 5 Online?

GTA online has dominated the gaming space for a while now. The ability create your own small businesses in a virtual world has been incredibly fruitful for Rockstar as a company. Players can work together to go on heists, run their own drug-running scheme, start their own casino and more.

The later missions in GTA online can get really tough. That’s why I like to make sure that when I play GTA 5 online – cheats and hacks are enabled to make sure I make the most money possible to succeed in the game.

Has the controversy helped the game series?

GTA has been an integral part of the gaming community for a while, but that also means it has been put under a great amount of scrutiny. In April of 1999, there was a tragic school shooting committed by two teenage boys known now as the Columbine Massacre.

Columbine had a massive knock-on effect in the gaming industry as the two culprits were known for playing a high amount of violent video games like Doom and Duke Nukem. This led to a lot of parents and public officials blaming violent video games for these killings even some filing lawsuits against video game manufacturers.

As the years went on, the GTA series became the target of many campaigns against violent video games as they are known for being both incredibly violent and immersive. All this did, in the end, was make the series more popular, kids were being told they weren’t allowed to play it but all in all it just made them want to play it more and now we have a whole generation of people who have very important memories about their first time playing a GTA game. No such thing as bad press as they say, and now it is still one of the biggest gaming brands of all time.

All of The Big Celebrities That Own Homes in Rhode Island

All of The Big Celebrities That Own Homes in Rhode Island

While we aren’t quite as fancy as LA or NYC, Rhode Island is home to huge swathes of beautiful landscape and wonderful historic properties. The Ocean State was one of the original 13 Union States and this history is rich and found dripping off every aspect of life here, a fact that has not been ignored by the community of the rich and famous!

While not many huge celebrities have their origin story based in RI, many have chosen to buy properties here, and a few have even sought education here! For those interested in which big names you may bump into while exploring Westerly, I have assembled a list of the biggest names who own property in Little Rhody.

Taylor Swift

Perhaps the biggest name on this list, Tay-Tay herself owns a beautiful property here in RI which she is known to visit when she needs to chill out in peace – or when she needs to throw a massive house party!

While no one can ever truly know how many and which of her ex-boyfriends have visited here, we do know that for her 2016 thanksgiving extravaganza of a party she invited dozens of her friends from the other side, including the illustrious Tom Hiddleston!

Conan O’Brien

As one of the biggest names in US TV for the last few decades, Conan is, without a doubt, one of the most recognizable personalities in the country. You might expect such a huge character to have homes exclusively in Beverly Hills and New York City, but he actually owns a sizable manor in Westerly worth almost a million dollars!

Like anyone living in the nation’s smalls state, there is little that can uproot Conan from his home here. Even after a clerical error almost saw his property repossessed by the state, Conan has fought hard to reserve his little spot of quiet paradise and he will no doubt be visiting for the rest of his natural life.

Judge Judy

Jerry and Judy Sheindlin have done extremely well in both their legal careers and Judge Judy’s internationally recognized TV show. Well enough that together they purchased the most expensive property in the entire state, Bird House in Newport.

Coming in at $9million, purchases like this sure answer the question of Who are local cash home buyers in RI, as properties all over our fine state are being picked up by huge celebrities every year, adding to the rich and historical culture of our state’s creativity and arts.

Jay Leno

Another huge TV star, Jay Leno joins the ranks of huge personalities living in Rhode Island with style. Aling with his wife, the couple purchased 4/5 of the condos in the Seafair Estate, a coastal property opened for sale in 1935 which perfectly reflects the culture and sophistication of life in RI.

With almost 12 Acres of land to play with and most of a mansion to hang out in, Jay Leno is always pictured having a grand time on his grounds, with his considerable collection of perfectly restored early-to-mid-20th century cars and an antique collection that would make any one of us weep on sight.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Known for his works in a multitude of 80’s and 90’s horror and action films, this Predator star moved over to the USA to get his fingers firmly placed in as many LA pies as possible and in the 2000’s he started buying up magnificent properties across the nation.

In 2016, news of Ice Cube buying his stunning LA home came as no surprise to those who were aware of his Rhode Island property purchase back in 2013.

With the lack of work for late-middle aged action stars, Jean-Claude moved his base of operations to his stunning Newport mansion, leaving the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to come relax with the huge celebrity population in Newport Beach.

Honorable Mentions

These have been the biggest names who currently live or own property in Rhode Island, but there are many celebrities and famous personalities who have historically called this peaceful state home.

Presidential Housing

President Dwight D Eisenhower and President John F Kennedy both owned property on the waterfront to escape to on days off and during personal vacation time. As is standard with such a high-stakes career as administrating the most powerful nation on the planet, their time relaxing here was often disturbed by official matters (often matters involving Cuba).

Despite this, they both individually showed their love for the Ocean State time and time again through their consistent visits.

Seth MacFarlane

Popular comedian and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he earned a bachelor’s degree which ultimately ended up starting his career in animation. Like many of us, Seth owes a lot to the Plantation State, and he has talked fondly of his time here on multiple occasions.

6 Ways to Lose Weight While Having Fun

6 Ways to Lose Weight While Having Fun

Something that I think we can all agree on is that the last couple of years has not been great for our figures. Due to the restrictions put in place because of Covid, we all started to spend a lot more time at home, enjoying the comfort of our sofas.

For those of you that usually depend on an active lifestyle to stay fit, the change in routine may have caused you to gain weight. Now that we are returning to normality, you may want to get rid of the excess fat. Working out at the gym does not work for everyone and so you may be looking for a fun alternative. Here are 6 ways to lose weight while having fun.

  • Join a Dance Class

One of the most fun ways that you can lose weight is through dancing. Dancing is an extremely effective workout, but it does not feel as though you are working out when you do it. If you are someone that has never danced before, you may worry about not doing it right or embarrassing yourself. From my experience, OC dance studios were very friendly when I first joined and all the members of the dance group encouraged me to progress without judgement.

  • Take a Scenic Walk

Taking a long walk is a fantastic way to burn calories while having fun. If you plan a scenic route walk to somewhere that you have never been before, it will not feel like you are working out. It will instead feel as though you are heading out on a fun adventure and it will get you out of the house and into nature. Why not take a friend and make a fun day of it?

  • Take Up Bike Riding

Bike riding is a very effective way to lose weight and it is incredibly fun. Bike riding is something that you tend to do less of when you are older, but bikes are very affordable and can be used whenever you feel like using them. Bikes are also very effective forms of transport, so if you are someone that has a habit of driving to work or taking public transport, you could opt for using a bike to get around instead. This will not only help you burn calories, but it is also much better for the environment.

  • Gardening

Spring will soon be approaching before you know it, which means that it is time for gardening. You may not think that gardening is a workout, but it is. Gardening requires quite a lot of heavy lifting, which helps you burn calories. On top of this, you are constantly going to and from the floor, which is essentially like getting in fifty squats without even noticing. When you are gardening, you can build up quite a sweat. This is because you are actually working your body out. Not only will you be doing a workout, but you will also have a supply of healthy vegetables to help with your weight loss.

  • Clean Your House

A great way to kill two birds with one stone is by cleaning your whole house. We can all get a little lazy, which means that our homes often suffer from being slightly cluttered. Cleaning your house can be a strenuous task, which makes it a great way to burn off any annoying calories. Imagine the weight that you could lose just by hoovering your entire home? Cleaning will give you a chance to set up a station for exercise, so it is really a win-win.

  • Take Your Pet For a Walk

We all love spending time with our pets, but we can often fall into the habit of only taking them for a spin around the corner during their walk time. Your dog needs exercise just as much as you do, so by expanding where you take them for a walk, you will be doing both of you a favor.

Why not take a long walk to your local dog park so that your dog can interact with some of its pooch friends? You will have so much fun being around your dog that you will likely not even notice that you are trying to exercise.

Ranking Our Favourite Episodes of Extreme Home Makeover

Ranking Our Favourite Episodes of Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover is an American reality TV series, the show is really popular and had been running since December 2003, it ended in 2012 but still filmed some network specials after this. It was aired on ABC and reruns were frequently shown on Discovery Family. The premise of the show is that a great team with a variety of skills including designers, contractors and lots of workers have to race against the clock to re design a whole house.

They’re given 7 days to plan the design and implement the rebuild. It seems like tough work but the team are so great that in most episodes they’re successful. This show is a great watch and it also inspires many viewers to want to redesign their own house. When you’re watching and you’re seeing other people’s houses being remodeled, it makes the urge to buy one of the velvet beds at Hugo and Sons from the UK or a beautiful new fountain for your garden even stronger.

This show is also a favorite among viewers as it is mainly families who are facing some sort of hard ship who are receiving the make over which adds a wholesome quality to the show. There are so many fantastic episodes to choose from but if you’re wanting to give it a watch then we’ve ranked our favorite episodes for you.

The Cardigan Scott Family

What happened to the Cardigan Scott family was so heartbreaking, but the response of the family was so wholesome that if you’re looking for an episode of Extreme Home Makeover that will make you teary then this is the one for you. The family lived in California back in 2003, there was the parents

Diane and Mark and they had 8 children. In a tragic turn of events Diane died as she had heart problems and unfortunately for the children only just 2 weeks later their father Mark died of a heart attack, leaving the 8 children as orphans. The oldest child was 23 years old so they became the legal guardian of their younger siblings so that the family could stay together.

They were stuck living in a cramped house with one bathroom and the conditions that the younger kids were growing up in were less than ideal, once the Extreme Home Makeover team heard about this story, they decided to help rebuild the house for the family to make things easier for the older siblings who were now raising a family.

The Kadzis Family

This was the second most wholesome and heartwarming episode that we’ve seen, if the Cardigan Scott family episode wasn’t enough for you then we think you should watch this one next. This has another heartwarming back story, the Kadzis family lived in Tallahassee, Florida and the father of the family was called George.

George and his family had dedicated a lot of their lives to taking in and looking after many children with special needs. He saw how much he could make a difference to these children’s lives and helped so many children. Unfortunately, George developed brain cancer and after providing for all these other children, he was struggling to provide stability for his own family.

This was having a negative impact on his mental health and was tough for his family so the team decided they were going to give George the same help that he had given to so many others, they took George’s family home from being uninhabitable to beautiful in just a week.

The Tate Family

The Tate family lived in Tampa, Florida and they were absolutely loved by their local community. The lived on Davis Island and the community there was a very tightly knit one, in this space Tom and Cynthia Tate were seen as local heroes. They did more for the community than anyone else, as Tom was the co-owner of the pizza shop Tate’s Brothers Pizza, he helped most of the children living in the community to get their first job as he gave them a chance and hired them at his pizza shop. Cynthia was very involved in the local community too; she ran the Scouts and the PTA and there was never a charity event here that Tom and Cynthia weren’t volunteering at.

In 2006 in a freak accident, a plane crashed into the home of the Tate family and demolished it. Luckily it wasn’t filled with kids from the neighborhood like it usually was and Cynthia wasn’t injured, but the family weren’t insured because of an error in the paperwork so couldn’t re build their home. After hearing this story, the team decided that they would rebuild the house for the Tate family and they did an incredible job.

Have Realtor Reality Shows Glamourized The World of Real Estate?

Have Realtor Reality Shows Glamourized The World of Real Estate?

Something that we can all agree on is that we have all watched a lot of TV in the last year. We have all but binged every show on Netflix and some of us found ourselves watching shows that we never thought we would, purely out of boredom.

Something that you may have noticed is that there has been an increase in the amount of real estate based TV shows being released onto streaming services and on general TV. There have always been shows that are dedicated to the process of decorating and creating shows, but we have never really delved into the process of selling the actual properties.

For many of us that decided to give in and watch these shows, they were expecting nothing but a bunch of sad realtors working in an office and getting stressed out by the idea of trying to sell their client’s homes. None of us could have expected that the shows that we watched would tell a completely different story and we started to question if we had been misinterpreting the world of real estate all of this time.

When it comes to real estate shows, the most popular at the moment is definitely Selling Sunset. Selling Sunset gives us an insight into the glamorous world of LA real estate and many of us were extremely shocked to see that the world of real estate is nowhere near as boring as we may have thought.

However, is the world of real estate really this elegant or have TV shows made real estate appear to be much more exciting than it really is? Let’s take a look.

The Shows Don’t Show How Long The Selling Process is

Every real estate show that is available to watch right now usually follows the same basic format. The start of the episode shows them meeting up with their real estate client, where they have a basic consolation that covers how much they would like to sell their house for and some characteristics of their home that may make the home stand out on the market.

The show then goes through the process of selling the home, which in showtime only takes a few days, yet they act as though they are finding it very difficult to find a potential buyer. This is certainly a way in which these real estate shows are glamorizing the world of real estate, as the house selling process is absolutely never this quick.

If you watch a show like selling sunset, you may be under the impression that if you have land to sell and want a quick sale, you can get in touch with a realtor and have that land sold in the space of a few days. This of course is not the case and it can take weeks and even months to sell your land or home. The only way in which you will be able to sell your home faster than this is if you completely sideline realtors altogether and sell your home to a house buying company, as realtors often like to take their sweet time when it comes to selling homes.

Any person with a bit of experience will be able to tell that the time frame that they present on the show is not an accurate representation of the real estate time frame. However, if you are somewhat of a novice to the world of real estate, then you may gain an unrealistic expectation of how fast it will take to sell your home.

The Shows Cut Out Boring Paperwork

Arguably the part of selling your home that everyone absolutely hates is having to sign all of the paperwork. This is boring and takes a long time to do, which is most likely the reason why it is cut out of the show.

However, the paperwork signing process is one of the most important parts of selling your house, as without it you have absolutely no guaranteed sale and so your house will still be in your possession. The paperwork part of selling your house is the bit that takes the longest and is something that people usually make a lot of mistakes when doing.

It would be very beneficial for the viewers to get an insight into the world of paperwork, as this is something that people need to be educated on, but never get the chance to. Though it may be quite boring, a lot of viewers would benefit from gaining further education that they can apply to their own home buying process.

The Shows Don’t Show That Some Homes Don’t sell

In every single real estate show that is on TV, there is never missed success on the show. Every episode results in the real estate agent being able to successfully sell their home and make a quick profit, but this really is not the case in the world of real estate.

Sometimes real estate agents simply can not sell the home that has been given to them and so it is in the best interest of their clients to not continue trying to sell their home. Sometimes they do not have the right client base for the house you are trying to sell and so it is best for them to direct you to someone that has a better client base that can cater to your home.

7 TikTok Influencers You Have to Follow

7 TikTok Influencers You Have to Follow

TikTok has taken the world by storm in the last few years. Since the end of Vine, the internet was missing a platform for short and entertaining videos. Many platforms tried to make up for the gap created by Vine, but they could never quite do it. When TikTok came along, it was a complete game-changer and it filled the Vine-shaped hole on the internet.

If you are not sure what TikTok is, it is a platform dedicated to posting short videos. TikTok is a combination of both Vine and Musically and it has all of the amazing of both apps. TikTok became popular almost overnight and it is yet to lose the success that it has been able to maintain for all of this time. Though everyone seems to know what TikTok is, not everybody has it downloaded yet. The main reason that so many people are yet to download the app is because they are not sure who they would follow once they do download it. If you can relate to this and you are unfamiliar when it comes to TikTok content creators, we have your back. Here are 7 TikTok influencers you have to follow right now.

Voice Over History

If you are someone that is looking for comedy content on the app, then we recommend that you follow Voice Over History. This particular content creator takes video clips from historical events and dubs over them. He adds a voice to the videos and completely reinvents the situations that are occurring in the videos. His most popular video was a dub of a collection of the Queen’s social events, which is absolutely hilarious. He releases a new video every week and each one is hilarious.

Cole LaBrant

You may recognise Cole LaBrant from the hilarious videos he makes with his daughter. Cole shares all the trials and tribulations of having a child at a young age and shows all of the discoveries he has made while trying to raise a young woman. This TikTok is perfect for those of you that love wholesome content and character development, as with every new Tiktok, you see Cole become slightly more confident when it comes to parental matters. This channel also has a lot of cameos from his girlfriend, who reacts hilariously when Cole tries to complete basic tasks like styling his daughter’s hair.


Sarati is a TikTok account that is owned by an American model and TV personality. Sarati is different from a lot of TikTokers and she led a campaign to try and normalise TikTok content creators purchasing followers for their pages. She wants to promote the importance of supporting TikTok creators while they try to grow their channel. She also hands out handy tips for people that are considering buying TikTok followers as it is possible to be scammed while doing so. She recommends that you buy tiktok followers PayPal style, as this will ensure that your money can be returned to you if you don’t get what you paid for.


This TikTok channel has gained a lot of popularity in the last year or so due to the inventive creations she has continued to make on her channel. Esther takes requests from her many followers on what she should make next on her page. She is known for using crazy materials as a part of her creations, which transforms any simple dress that she may make into something amazing. Recently she has branched out into making furniture covers to completely transform her home.


Bambi is a popular trans TikToker that makes informative videos about what it is like to transition from male to female. Bambi is also in a heterosexual relationship and on her TikTok, she shares the adjustments she and her partner have had to make as a part of her transition and they have a good laugh at any hate that they may get. Bambi doesn’t just create trans content, she also covered subjects like fashion and makeup. Bambi is also a big music fan and she expresses her love for music by dancing to some of her favorite hits.


If you are someone that loves dog content, then you have to check out DogsSupreme. This Tiktok compiles several examples of the most popular dog content on the internet right now. Sometimes we all need to take ten minutes to enjoy some cute dog content and DogsSupreme does all of the searching, so all that you need to do is do the watching. DogsSupreme also try to raise money for popular dog charities and so if you are enjoying one of their dog compilations, then why not try donating a couple of dollars to one of their charity links.

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is one of the most popular content creators to come out of TikTok. She became extremely popular due to her videos where she lip sings to some of the most popular songs out there right now. She also has a big following by makeup lovers and she creates inventive new makeup looks for all of her videos. There is also no questioning that she is extremely beautiful and she turns to Tiktok to share some of her best beauty hacks with all of her followers. If you like beauty and popular songs, then she is definitely someone worth checking out.

7 Fantastic Animes You Need to be Watching Right Now!

7 Fantastic Animes You Need to be Watching Right Now!

Something that you have probably noticed is that the world has become completely obsessed with anime. In the past, anime was just something enjoyed by ‘nerdy’ people, but we have all quickly discovered that a lot of anime is actually very good. Though anime can be fantastic, it can feel almost impossible to find a good one to watch, as there are some pretty awful ones out there. Here are 7 fantastic animes you need to be watching right now.

NUMBER 1: One Punch Man

If you are looking for an upbeat anime to watch in your spare time, I recommend that you look into One Punch man. One Punch man follows a superhuman man that has the goal of becoming the most powerful superhero in the world. He exceeds his goal and becomes practically unbeatable and capable of killing a man with a single punch. His power leaves him feeling pretty bored and so the anime follows him trying to entertain himself in any way that he can.

NUMBER 2: Haikyuu

If you are someone that love animes about sports, then you need to check out Haikyuu. Haikyuu follows the story of a student called Shoyo Hinata, who becomes obsessed with the sport after watching a team play at their high school. What makes this anime stand out is the quirky and likeable characters and if you are a fan of the anime and want to test your knowledge or find out which character you relate to most, you should try this haikyuu quiz and even get your friends to try it so you can compare notes.

NUMBER  3: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

This is not an anime that is for the faint of heart and if you like something with a darker story, then I want to eat your pancrease may be the anime for you. This story follows the blossoming relationship between two school friends, but one has a secret, she is dying of pancreatic cancer. This is an emotional one so be sure to grab the tissues when you settle in to watch.

NUMBER 4: Jujutsu Kaisen

This is an anime with a great mystical theme. Itadori Yuji makes the grave mistake of consuming the finger of Sukuna, which he did not know was an extremely powerful curse that takes over the consumer’s body. Anyone that has this curse is usually sentenced to death, but Itadori is allowed to live, but at what cost?

NUMBER 5: Tokyo Revengers

There is nothing better with an anime that features that topic of time travel. Tokyo Revengers follows the protagonist Takomichi on a desperate journey to save the life of his girlfriend. To do this, he must travel back in time and change events that broke up his gang, the only people that can help him save his girlfriend.

NUMBER 6: My Hero Academia

This is an anime that you have probably heard of and it is extremely popular among anime fans right now. This Anime follows Izuki, who lives in a society where 80% of people are born with superpowers. He is unfortunately among the few that have been born without powerless, that is until he stumbles across the Symbol of Peace, which he believes will give him the powers he desires.

NUMBER 7: Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer follows a man whose family was unfortunately murdered by demons, except his sister. He must protect his sister who became a demon as a part of the tragic events. Luckily his sister keeps some of her humanity and so they work together to fight other demons who continue to terrorise humans.