Latest JAMES BOND film officially canceled

Latest JAMES BOND film officially canceled

Latest JAMES BOND film officially canceled 339 500 Joel

James Bond has finally met his match: a bankrupt studio.

It’s been confirmed that JAMES BOND 23 is now officially canceled. The movie’s future had been in doubt for awhile, as have all properties associated with MGM, but now it’s most definitely not happening anytime soon. Bummer, huh?

It’s a damn shame because JAMES BOND 23 was going to be directed by none other than Oscar winner Sam Mendes, with a script from Peter Morgan. Daniel Craig was of course set to star as 007.

MGM is drowning in debt and is desperately looking for a buyer to help them out and finance new films. Until that time, it’s having to shelve or cancel scheduled productions. The one bright spot is THE HOBBIT, which seems to be slowly moving forward. Insiders are hoping for a January start date for filming of THE HOBBIT. However, everything else must wait, including Bond.

We have no clue when JAMES BOND 23 will actually get underway. It could be a very long time. I just hope that Daniel Craig is willing to suit up again whenever the time comes. But, honestly, I can’t blame him if he doesn’t. The guy can’t wait around forever.

The bigger question is what is going to happen to MGM? How long can this last? Will THE HOBBIT save them? Will anything?