Is Tarantino directing THE SHADOW?

Is Tarantino directing THE SHADOW?

Is Tarantino directing THE SHADOW? 310 163 Joel

The less said about 1994′s THE SHADOW starring Alec Baldwin, the better. If you can get past that god awful film, you might remember that The Shadow is actually a really fun, dark character and one that hasn’t been properly portrayed in years. I’d say it’s a property that definitely needs some TLC from the right director.

For a while now, we’ve known a new adaptation of THE SHADOW was in the works. First, Sam Raimi was in talks to direct. Then David Slade was reportedly in charge. Now, Pajiba is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is in talks to write and direct a new film based on the old radio show. It would definitely be a darker, more violent reincarnation of The Shadow, that’s for sure.

Pajiba’s source is apparently pretty reliable but this is still surprising news. Nothing in Tarantino’s past has suggested he’d be a candidate to write and direct THE SHADOW but the man is student of film and fiction and THE SHADOW oddly seems right up his alley. I’d much rather prefer he work on this than the KILL BILL or INGLORIOUS BASTERDS sequels and prequels he’s planning.

Still, as Pajiba says, take this with a grain of salt. For now.