Jeff Bridges still wants to make THE GIVER

Jeff Bridges still wants to make THE GIVER

Jeff Bridges still wants to make THE GIVER 412 700 Joel

For such a successful children’s novel, it’s taken a long time to turn THE GIVER into a movie. No one knows that more than Jeff Bridges.

Bridges and producer Nikki Silver owned the rights to Lois Lowry’s dystopian novel a few years ago but lost them in 2007. Variety reports that the pair has gotten them back and are once again trying to convert the book into a feature film. Bridges would star as the titular Giver, a role he originally envisioned for his later father. He’s has been rocking a fierce beard in the last year so he’s definitely looking the part and he’s not getting any younger either. Vadim Perelman (THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG) has been dispatched to write the script.

The book is a middle grade staple (though I read it in sixth grade, thank you very much) about a future world where the memory of society has been removed and all citizens are given a specific job. 12-year-old Jonas’s world changes when he is tasked with receiving all the emotions and memories of the past from the current Giver. This will change how he views his community and his life. It’s quite a strong book that makes some daring choices. You’ve probably seen the cover before (pictured below) as it’s become quite iconic in most libraries.

Even if THE GIVER doesn’t happen, I hope that Bridges keeps that beard. It deserves an Oscar of its own.