The CARRIE Remake Currently Has Five Possible Endings

The CARRIE Remake Currently Has Five Possible Endings

The CARRIE Remake Currently Has Five Possible Endings 1124 660 Joel

Studios have long used general audiences to test screen films prior to their release.  Achieving the right tone and pace is certainly important for all films, but they are absolutely integral to a horror film.

It kind of goes without saying that most remakes seem to be maligned by film fans.  But because the horror genre seems to be home to the majority of these remakes – few of which outdo their predecessor – the fans of the genre are often the loudest of the cynics.  The upcoming CARRIE film is an interesting project.  Yes, it can be seen as a remake, but the studio has been adamant that it’s a more accurate adaptation of the book than simply remaking Brian De Palma’s 1976 film.  Nevertheless, it still has sparked a variety of opinions since the project was first announced.  Initially many were happy with the talent behind the camera as well as the prospect of Chloe Grace Moretz playing the title character.  However, the buzz died down when the film was pushed back to October from its original summer release date and it has continued on that path as the film inches closer to its release.  Now we are just a few weeks from CARRIE’s big unveiling and many are curious if they need to ready a bucket of blood to dump on the film.

What I find most shocking though is that the film isn’t exactly ready.  I spoke to someone that went to a test screening of CARRIE a few days ago.  My curiosity got the better of me as much of our conversation was centered on the ending . . . or should I say ENDINGS.  Not one, but four different endings were shown to the audience with a fifth one mentioned in addition by the studio reps. Below, I have direct quotes from my source and detailed descriptions of each of the endings screened.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SPOILER TERRITORY FROM HERE ON OUT.  SPOILERS FOR BOTH THE ORIGINAL FILM AND REMAKE FOLLOW.


It should be noted that the guy that went to the screening is a big horror fan who has read the book and seen Brian De Palma’s original film.  When I started our conversation by asking if he liked the movie he had this to say:

“I go to almost every midnight screening of a horror movie, and I will definitely be there on opening night to see it again.”

He went on to praise Julianne Moore for quite awhile:

“Julianne Moore gives an award worthy performance.  I really think she deserves to be nominated.”

He spoke very little about the film’s star:

“(Chloe Grace Moretz) isn’t bad but they really gathered a realistic group of high school kids that she’s surrounded by.”