7 TikTok Influencers You Have to Follow

7 TikTok Influencers You Have to Follow

7 TikTok Influencers You Have to Follow

7 TikTok Influencers You Have to Follow 1000 667 Joel

TikTok has taken the world by storm in the last few years. Since the end of Vine, the internet was missing a platform for short and entertaining videos. Many platforms tried to make up for the gap created by Vine, but they could never quite do it. When TikTok came along, it was a complete game-changer and it filled the Vine-shaped hole on the internet.

If you are not sure what TikTok is, it is a platform dedicated to posting short videos. TikTok is a combination of both Vine and Musically and it has all of the amazing of both apps. TikTok became popular almost overnight and it is yet to lose the success that it has been able to maintain for all of this time. Though everyone seems to know what TikTok is, not everybody has it downloaded yet. The main reason that so many people are yet to download the app is because they are not sure who they would follow once they do download it. If you can relate to this and you are unfamiliar when it comes to TikTok content creators, we have your back. Here are 7 TikTok influencers you have to follow right now.

Voice Over History

If you are someone that is looking for comedy content on the app, then we recommend that you follow Voice Over History. This particular content creator takes video clips from historical events and dubs over them. He adds a voice to the videos and completely reinvents the situations that are occurring in the videos. His most popular video was a dub of a collection of the Queen’s social events, which is absolutely hilarious. He releases a new video every week and each one is hilarious.

Cole LaBrant

You may recognise Cole LaBrant from the hilarious videos he makes with his daughter. Cole shares all the trials and tribulations of having a child at a young age and shows all of the discoveries he has made while trying to raise a young woman. This TikTok is perfect for those of you that love wholesome content and character development, as with every new Tiktok, you see Cole become slightly more confident when it comes to parental matters. This channel also has a lot of cameos from his girlfriend, who reacts hilariously when Cole tries to complete basic tasks like styling his daughter’s hair.


Sarati is a TikTok account that is owned by an American model and TV personality. Sarati is different from a lot of TikTokers and she led a campaign to try and normalise TikTok content creators purchasing followers for their pages. She wants to promote the importance of supporting TikTok creators while they try to grow their channel. She also hands out handy tips for people that are considering buying TikTok followers as it is possible to be scammed while doing so. She recommends that you buy tiktok followers PayPal style, as this will ensure that your money can be returned to you if you don’t get what you paid for.


This TikTok channel has gained a lot of popularity in the last year or so due to the inventive creations she has continued to make on her channel. Esther takes requests from her many followers on what she should make next on her page. She is known for using crazy materials as a part of her creations, which transforms any simple dress that she may make into something amazing. Recently she has branched out into making furniture covers to completely transform her home.


Bambi is a popular trans TikToker that makes informative videos about what it is like to transition from male to female. Bambi is also in a heterosexual relationship and on her TikTok, she shares the adjustments she and her partner have had to make as a part of her transition and they have a good laugh at any hate that they may get. Bambi doesn’t just create trans content, she also covered subjects like fashion and makeup. Bambi is also a big music fan and she expresses her love for music by dancing to some of her favorite hits.


If you are someone that loves dog content, then you have to check out DogsSupreme. This Tiktok compiles several examples of the most popular dog content on the internet right now. Sometimes we all need to take ten minutes to enjoy some cute dog content and DogsSupreme does all of the searching, so all that you need to do is do the watching. DogsSupreme also try to raise money for popular dog charities and so if you are enjoying one of their dog compilations, then why not try donating a couple of dollars to one of their charity links.

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is one of the most popular content creators to come out of TikTok. She became extremely popular due to her videos where she lip sings to some of the most popular songs out there right now. She also has a big following by makeup lovers and she creates inventive new makeup looks for all of her videos. There is also no questioning that she is extremely beautiful and she turns to Tiktok to share some of her best beauty hacks with all of her followers. If you like beauty and popular songs, then she is definitely someone worth checking out.