All of The Big Celebrities That Own Homes in Rhode Island

All of The Big Celebrities That Own Homes in Rhode Island

All of The Big Celebrities That Own Homes in Rhode Island

All of The Big Celebrities That Own Homes in Rhode Island 1000 662 Joel

While we aren’t quite as fancy as LA or NYC, Rhode Island is home to huge swathes of beautiful landscape and wonderful historic properties. The Ocean State was one of the original 13 Union States and this history is rich and found dripping off every aspect of life here, a fact that has not been ignored by the community of the rich and famous!

While not many huge celebrities have their origin story based in RI, many have chosen to buy properties here, and a few have even sought education here! For those interested in which big names you may bump into while exploring Westerly, I have assembled a list of the biggest names who own property in Little Rhody.

Taylor Swift

Perhaps the biggest name on this list, Tay-Tay herself owns a beautiful property here in RI which she is known to visit when she needs to chill out in peace – or when she needs to throw a massive house party!

While no one can ever truly know how many and which of her ex-boyfriends have visited here, we do know that for her 2016 thanksgiving extravaganza of a party she invited dozens of her friends from the other side, including the illustrious Tom Hiddleston!

Conan O’Brien

As one of the biggest names in US TV for the last few decades, Conan is, without a doubt, one of the most recognizable personalities in the country. You might expect such a huge character to have homes exclusively in Beverly Hills and New York City, but he actually owns a sizable manor in Westerly worth almost a million dollars!

Like anyone living in the nation’s smalls state, there is little that can uproot Conan from his home here. Even after a clerical error almost saw his property repossessed by the state, Conan has fought hard to reserve his little spot of quiet paradise and he will no doubt be visiting for the rest of his natural life.

Judge Judy

Jerry and Judy Sheindlin have done extremely well in both their legal careers and Judge Judy’s internationally recognized TV show. Well enough that together they purchased the most expensive property in the entire state, Bird House in Newport.

Coming in at $9million, purchases like this sure answer the question of Who are local cash home buyers in RI, as properties all over our fine state are being picked up by huge celebrities every year, adding to the rich and historical culture of our state’s creativity and arts.

Jay Leno

Another huge TV star, Jay Leno joins the ranks of huge personalities living in Rhode Island with style. Aling with his wife, the couple purchased 4/5 of the condos in the Seafair Estate, a coastal property opened for sale in 1935 which perfectly reflects the culture and sophistication of life in RI.

With almost 12 Acres of land to play with and most of a mansion to hang out in, Jay Leno is always pictured having a grand time on his grounds, with his considerable collection of perfectly restored early-to-mid-20th century cars and an antique collection that would make any one of us weep on sight.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Known for his works in a multitude of 80’s and 90’s horror and action films, this Predator star moved over to the USA to get his fingers firmly placed in as many LA pies as possible and in the 2000’s he started buying up magnificent properties across the nation.

In 2016, news of Ice Cube buying his stunning LA home came as no surprise to those who were aware of his Rhode Island property purchase back in 2013.

With the lack of work for late-middle aged action stars, Jean-Claude moved his base of operations to his stunning Newport mansion, leaving the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to come relax with the huge celebrity population in Newport Beach.

Honorable Mentions

These have been the biggest names who currently live or own property in Rhode Island, but there are many celebrities and famous personalities who have historically called this peaceful state home.

Presidential Housing

President Dwight D Eisenhower and President John F Kennedy both owned property on the waterfront to escape to on days off and during personal vacation time. As is standard with such a high-stakes career as administrating the most powerful nation on the planet, their time relaxing here was often disturbed by official matters (often matters involving Cuba).

Despite this, they both individually showed their love for the Ocean State time and time again through their consistent visits.

Seth MacFarlane

Popular comedian and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he earned a bachelor’s degree which ultimately ended up starting his career in animation. Like many of us, Seth owes a lot to the Plantation State, and he has talked fondly of his time here on multiple occasions.