Have Realtor Reality Shows Glamourized The World of Real Estate?

Have Realtor Reality Shows Glamourized The World of Real Estate?

Have Realtor Reality Shows Glamourized The World of Real Estate?

Have Realtor Reality Shows Glamourized The World of Real Estate? 1000 499 Joel

Something that we can all agree on is that we have all watched a lot of TV in the last year. We have all but binged every show on Netflix and some of us found ourselves watching shows that we never thought we would, purely out of boredom.

Something that you may have noticed is that there has been an increase in the amount of real estate based TV shows being released onto streaming services and on general TV. There have always been shows that are dedicated to the process of decorating and creating shows, but we have never really delved into the process of selling the actual properties.

For many of us that decided to give in and watch these shows, they were expecting nothing but a bunch of sad realtors working in an office and getting stressed out by the idea of trying to sell their client’s homes. None of us could have expected that the shows that we watched would tell a completely different story and we started to question if we had been misinterpreting the world of real estate all of this time.

When it comes to real estate shows, the most popular at the moment is definitely Selling Sunset. Selling Sunset gives us an insight into the glamorous world of LA real estate and many of us were extremely shocked to see that the world of real estate is nowhere near as boring as we may have thought.

However, is the world of real estate really this elegant or have TV shows made real estate appear to be much more exciting than it really is? Let’s take a look.

The Shows Don’t Show How Long The Selling Process is

Every real estate show that is available to watch right now usually follows the same basic format. The start of the episode shows them meeting up with their real estate client, where they have a basic consolation that covers how much they would like to sell their house for and some characteristics of their home that may make the home stand out on the market.

The show then goes through the process of selling the home, which in showtime only takes a few days, yet they act as though they are finding it very difficult to find a potential buyer. This is certainly a way in which these real estate shows are glamorizing the world of real estate, as the house selling process is absolutely never this quick.

If you watch a show like selling sunset, you may be under the impression that if you have land to sell and want a quick sale, you can get in touch with a realtor and have that land sold in the space of a few days. This of course is not the case and it can take weeks and even months to sell your land or home. The only way in which you will be able to sell your home faster than this is if you completely sideline realtors altogether and sell your home to a house buying company, as realtors often like to take their sweet time when it comes to selling homes.

Any person with a bit of experience will be able to tell that the time frame that they present on the show is not an accurate representation of the real estate time frame. However, if you are somewhat of a novice to the world of real estate, then you may gain an unrealistic expectation of how fast it will take to sell your home.

The Shows Cut Out Boring Paperwork

Arguably the part of selling your home that everyone absolutely hates is having to sign all of the paperwork. This is boring and takes a long time to do, which is most likely the reason why it is cut out of the show.

However, the paperwork signing process is one of the most important parts of selling your house, as without it you have absolutely no guaranteed sale and so your house will still be in your possession. The paperwork part of selling your house is the bit that takes the longest and is something that people usually make a lot of mistakes when doing.

It would be very beneficial for the viewers to get an insight into the world of paperwork, as this is something that people need to be educated on, but never get the chance to. Though it may be quite boring, a lot of viewers would benefit from gaining further education that they can apply to their own home buying process.

The Shows Don’t Show That Some Homes Don’t sell

In every single real estate show that is on TV, there is never missed success on the show. Every episode results in the real estate agent being able to successfully sell their home and make a quick profit, but this really is not the case in the world of real estate.

Sometimes real estate agents simply can not sell the home that has been given to them and so it is in the best interest of their clients to not continue trying to sell their home. Sometimes they do not have the right client base for the house you are trying to sell and so it is best for them to direct you to someone that has a better client base that can cater to your home.