Ranking Our Favourite Episodes of Extreme Home Makeover

Ranking Our Favourite Episodes of Extreme Home Makeover

Ranking Our Favourite Episodes of Extreme Home Makeover

Ranking Our Favourite Episodes of Extreme Home Makeover 681 383 Joel

Extreme Home Makeover is an American reality TV series, the show is really popular and had been running since December 2003, it ended in 2012 but still filmed some network specials after this. It was aired on ABC and reruns were frequently shown on Discovery Family. The premise of the show is that a great team with a variety of skills including designers, contractors and lots of workers have to race against the clock to re design a whole house.

They’re given 7 days to plan the design and implement the rebuild. It seems like tough work but the team are so great that in most episodes they’re successful. This show is a great watch and it also inspires many viewers to want to redesign their own house. When you’re watching and you’re seeing other people’s houses being remodeled, it makes the urge to buy one of the velvet beds at Hugo and Sons from the UK or a beautiful new fountain for your garden even stronger.

This show is also a favorite among viewers as it is mainly families who are facing some sort of hard ship who are receiving the make over which adds a wholesome quality to the show. There are so many fantastic episodes to choose from but if you’re wanting to give it a watch then we’ve ranked our favorite episodes for you.

The Cardigan Scott Family

What happened to the Cardigan Scott family was so heartbreaking, but the response of the family was so wholesome that if you’re looking for an episode of Extreme Home Makeover that will make you teary then this is the one for you. The family lived in California back in 2003, there was the parents

Diane and Mark and they had 8 children. In a tragic turn of events Diane died as she had heart problems and unfortunately for the children only just 2 weeks later their father Mark died of a heart attack, leaving the 8 children as orphans. The oldest child was 23 years old so they became the legal guardian of their younger siblings so that the family could stay together.

They were stuck living in a cramped house with one bathroom and the conditions that the younger kids were growing up in were less than ideal, once the Extreme Home Makeover team heard about this story, they decided to help rebuild the house for the family to make things easier for the older siblings who were now raising a family.

The Kadzis Family

This was the second most wholesome and heartwarming episode that we’ve seen, if the Cardigan Scott family episode wasn’t enough for you then we think you should watch this one next. This has another heartwarming back story, the Kadzis family lived in Tallahassee, Florida and the father of the family was called George.

George and his family had dedicated a lot of their lives to taking in and looking after many children with special needs. He saw how much he could make a difference to these children’s lives and helped so many children. Unfortunately, George developed brain cancer and after providing for all these other children, he was struggling to provide stability for his own family.

This was having a negative impact on his mental health and was tough for his family so the team decided they were going to give George the same help that he had given to so many others, they took George’s family home from being uninhabitable to beautiful in just a week.

The Tate Family

The Tate family lived in Tampa, Florida and they were absolutely loved by their local community. The lived on Davis Island and the community there was a very tightly knit one, in this space Tom and Cynthia Tate were seen as local heroes. They did more for the community than anyone else, as Tom was the co-owner of the pizza shop Tate’s Brothers Pizza, he helped most of the children living in the community to get their first job as he gave them a chance and hired them at his pizza shop. Cynthia was very involved in the local community too; she ran the Scouts and the PTA and there was never a charity event here that Tom and Cynthia weren’t volunteering at.

In 2006 in a freak accident, a plane crashed into the home of the Tate family and demolished it. Luckily it wasn’t filled with kids from the neighborhood like it usually was and Cynthia wasn’t injured, but the family weren’t insured because of an error in the paperwork so couldn’t re build their home. After hearing this story, the team decided that they would rebuild the house for the Tate family and they did an incredible job.